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Mission & Vision

Authentic Canned Cocktails

We strive to deliver a selection of high-quality canned cocktails for an effortless bar experience at home. We are an independent producer dedicated to prioritising community engagement, customer satisfaction, environmental stewardship, as we cultivate an inclusive and secure work environment.

Our Story

How It Started

As huge Vodka Mule fans we wanted a good ready to go mule in can. We searched and couldn’t find one. So, we experimented with pairing different ginger beers and spirits but nothing quite hit the spot at home. After a lot of trial and error, we realized what was missing – a perfectly balanced, spicy and slightly sweet mix. With that in mind, we concocted our own crisp ginger beer at our BC headquarters and paired it with premium vodka for the first can of many. With that delicious success, we continued to experiment with different flavour combinations and next launched the popular Pink Lemonade. We continue to expand our line of accessible and sippable cocktails with classic recipes.